Republicans Try To Steal Georgia Election By Not Providing Power Cords For Voting Machines

Hours after the polls opened in some minority neighborhoods in Georgia people couldn’t vote because Republicans didn’t provide power cords for the voting machines.


Republicans are trying everything to stop Stacey Abrams

Power cords. People can’t vote if the voting machines do not have electricity. It is all part of the effort to deter likely Democratic voters from casting their ballots in Georgia. Republicans are hoping that many people couldn’t afford to stay in line and wait for hours. They want to discourage voters from casting their ballots. Georgia Republicans have tried to purge naturalized citizens from the voting rolls. They have tried to invalidate mail-in ballots, and they have accused Democrats of hacking the election system, but nothing is as low as not including power cords with the voting machines in Democratic areas.

The good news is that this incident has already been reported to the Election Protection hotline (866-OUR-VOTE). Brian Kemp is doing everything imaginable to cheat his way to victory in Georgia. Don’t be discouraged, don’t be deterred, and if you are in line, stay there. The future of Georgia and the country depends on your determination.

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