Adam Schiff Vows To Protect The Rule Of Law As Trump Makes His Move On Mueller


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who will soon be running the House Russia investigation, vowed to protect Robert Mueller and the rule of law after Trump fired Jeff Sessions.

Schiff tweeted:

Adam Schiff is warning Trump


Rep. Schiff’s tweet was a warning to Trump that if he tries to gut the Mueller investigation and corrupt the DOJ, House Democrats will be coming for him. Trump made his move on Mueller now because in a couple of months, Democrats will be in control of the House and it would be too late for him to act.

What a difference a day makes. Adam Schiff’s words now carry the weight of the House Intelligence Committee. Trump is already playing with fire. He understands that he can’t get rid of Mueller without getting impeached, so he has installed someone as acting attorney general who will limit the special counsel investigation.
Trump is provoking a confrontation on the Russia investigation with House Democrats. The president is flirting with disaster. Trump doesn’t seem to believe that the Democrats will impeach him. He’s wrong, and if he keeps pushing, he is going to find himself the subject of an impeachment investigation.

Adam Schiff isn’t playing, and if Donald Trump tests him, the president will soon regret it.

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