Trump Claims Losing The House Was A Good Thing

Trump tied himself into knots at his press conference as he tried to explain how losing the House was really a good thing for him.

Trump said, “I really respected with what Nancy said last night about bipartisanship and getting together and uniting. She used the word uniting and the bi-partisanship statement which is so important, because that is what we should be doing. So we can look at us, and we can look at us and they can look at them, and it will be back and forth and probably very good for me politically, and I can see it extremely good politically, because I think that I am better at that game than they are actually, but we will find out. And we will find out or we can work together. And you cannot do them simultaneously.”


No. Nope. Not buying it. In no way, shape, or form is losing the House a good thing for a president. Every president after they lose the House talks about working together, and every president ends up watching their agenda die in the opposition-controlled House. Trump isn’t a good enough politician to work with a Democratic House. He changes his mind every four seconds.

It was more Trump spin trying to a presidency changing defeat into something isn’t so bad. Ask George W. Bush how his presidency changed with a Democratic House. Ask Obama what happened after Republicans took back the House. This never ends well for the incumbent president. Trump is going to have to compromise, and he is going to be under more investigative scrutiny than he has ever been in his entire life.

The moment that Democrats take back the House could be the second that marks the beginning of the end of Trump’s presidency.

Republicans losing the House was great for America, but a disaster for Donald Trump.

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