With Democrats Controlling The House, Robert Mueller Can’t Be Fired By Trump

One of the major consequences of Democrats winning the House is that if Trump tries to fire Mueller, Democrats will launch an impeachment investigation.

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Lawrence O’Donnell explained what the Democratic victory means for Mueller:

That is among the many important developments tonight that changes with the house. Donald Trump’s political life and his legal life changes utterly tonight. Robert Mueller cannot be fired. That threat is over. Donald Trump will try to fire him again. He will want to try to try to fire him again. But more than one voice in the White House will explain to him that if he does that, the House of Representatives will begin an impeachment investigation that day.

Robert Mueller is one of the big winners tonight in terms of the security of his position and his ability to go forward with his special prosecuting investigation. And that is a change for Donald Trump. The game he’s been playing with the firing of Jeff Sessions, which has always been about the firing of Robert Mueller because you get — or basically the removal of Robert Mueller’s effectiveness by putting a new attorney general supervising Robert Mueller, that game ended tonight. That’s a huge change for the future of the trump presidency and for the future of the way things are going to work in Washington.


The House has been dysfunctional for so long that I suspect that many people have forgotten how powerful an effectively run House of Representatives can be. Trump isn’t going to be able to fire Mueller. House Democrats have already said in the past that even if Trump fired Mueller, the House of Representatives would hire him to continue his investigation as part of an impeachment probe.

Trump is trying to claim that the midterm was a success, but this president will now be checked. He will no longer be able to operate based on a whim with a congressional lapdog at his knee.

If Trump makes a move on Mueller, Democrats will move on him.

Trump’s time of doing whatever he wants has officially come to an end.

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