Adam Schiff Warns Trump That He Will Be Held Accountable For Obstruction Of Justice

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) warned Trump that if he and Matt Whitaker obstruct justice they will be held accountable by Democrats.

Schiff said on MSNBC’s All In, “The first thing we can do and did do in the last 24 hours is issue orders to the relevant agencies they have to preserve the evidence. Probably the most powerful thing we can do right now is make it abundantly clear we will demand answers when we do possess those gavels. If there is any effort to obstruct or subvert justice here we will find out about it and people will be held to account. That ought to be made crystal clear from this point. I would also urge my Republican colleagues to do something they have thus far shown unwillingness to do, stand up to this president and defend the rule of law. They know as well as we do this new appointee is not qualified for this position, only qualified by virtue of very political and partisan comments he has made which have endeared him to the president. We ought to act now legislatively to protect Bob Mueller and more broadly, protect the rule of law.”


Rep. Adam Schiff appeared to back up Rep. Jerry Nadler’s statement that Democrats in the House are going to try to force some action on protecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller before they take control of the House in January. Democrats are going to use their new power granted by the voters to act, and what Trump still doesn’t seem to comprehend is that unlike any time perhaps in his entire life, there will now be consequences for his actions.

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