Democrats Just Outsmarted Trump On Bill To Protect Mueller

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee said that Democrats might block the government funding bill unless it includes protections for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Nadler told CNN:

I and the chairman of other relevant committees sent letters to a lot of people in the justice department urging — demanding preservation of all relevant documents. Destruction of those documents — and serving notice that destruction of those documents would be a crime, which they would — which it would be after that notice.

We can urge and we will that the bill that I introduced that would protect the independence of the special counsel that would say that he could only be dismissed for cause, that he could — that any refusal of his authority could only be for cause, that’s been reported out of the judiciary committee and the Senate on a bipartisan basis, that that be passed and the special — and the lame duck session starting next week, we could insist that that be a condition of passage of the remaining legislation to fund the government, which has to be done by December 7th.


Democrats are already exercising their new standing by giving Trump a taste of what his future holds.

If Trump and the Republicans want the government to be funded, they are going to have to include legislation that will protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller from being fired without cause. The days of Republicans and Trump doing whatever they want are long gone. The rules have changed in Washington.

Trump and Republicans are going to have to deal with Democrats or suffer the consequences, and their first big test is coming up, and it involves nothing less than the protection of our democracy.

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