Hundreds Of Thousands Take To The Streets To Protect Mueller

There is a massive nationwide protest going on as citizens are taking to the streets to demand that Congress protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Thousands of people are outside the White House:

In New York, the crowd is so long that it spans 30th to 42nd Streets:

Video from MSNBC of the massive crowd size in New York:

The scene in Louisville, KY:

1,000 people in Pittsburgh have turned out to protect Mueller:

The American people have Robert Mueller’s back

Trump was worried about the House Democrats investigating him or protecting Mueller. What he really should have been concerned about is the reaction of the American people when he decided to put a lapdog who doesn’t believe that Russia interfered in the 2016 election in charge of the Department of Justice.
The American people are going to take to the streets to protect the Special Counsel, and if Trump dares of sabotage or fire Mueller, the protests that are happening today will be nothing compared to what will be waiting for him everywhere he goes until he is out office every single minute of his life.

The American people got the House. Now, they want their country back.

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