Republicans Are Scared In Florida As Sean Hannity Calls Recount An Illegal Democrat Plot

Trump propaganda minister Sean Hannity showed how scared the regime is in Florida when he attacked the recount as an illegal Democratic plot.

Hannity said via Media Matters:
I want to start in the state of Florida because it looks like the typical, predictable, Democratic tactics of whatever it takes to win might be going on as it relates to the election of Rick Scott as the new senator from Florida and of course Ron DeSantis the new governor of Florida. I first took note of this when I saw Marco Rubio’s tweet from earlier today, “Broward elections supervisors ongoing violation of Florida law requiring timely reporting isn’t just annoying incompetence, it has opened the door for lawyers to come here and try and steal a seat in the U.S. Senate and Florida cabinet.”

Now the margin of victory of the Florida Senate race, that’s Rick Scott’s race, has gone from 53,000 votes on election night to 22,000 votes. And it all seems to be coming down to one county, and that would be, now shocking, Broward County. Home of the hanging, swinging, dimpled, pimpled, you know, chad controversy in 2000 with Bush and Gore. And the board of elections is refusing to now say how many ballots remain to be counted. There are laws that they’ve got to be upholding here. My sources are telling me that in fact there is now an ongoing investigation into what is happened down there and each day more votes are just appearing out of nowhere from Nelson and Gillum.

Audio of Hannity on his radio show:

Republicans are terrified that their Florida win will turn into a loss

The consequences of an Andrew Gillum win in Florida are national and they will impact Trump’s reelection campaign. A Democratic governor would make it easier to vote and knock down the suppression efforts of current Gov. Rick Scott. The lesson learned in 2008 in Florida is that when more people can vote, they do, and they overwhelmingly support Democrats.

It takes some serious stones for Hannity to try to pull a reverse Florida 2000 on Democrats. Republicans have been trying to steal elections in Florida and Georgia, and the GOP panic is doubled in Florida, but Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum unconceded, which means that the race is back on in Florida, and Republicans are terrified that when all the votes are counted, they will lose.

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