Democrats Sue Florida Over The Rejection Of Vote By Mail Ballots

Sen. Bill Nelson and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee have filed a lawsuit against the Florida Sec. of State over the rejection of vote by mail ballots and absentee ballots.

Sen. Nelson’s campaign attorney Mark Elias explained why they are suing over Florida’s signature match law:
The fact is that these laws, when taken together, condition the right to vote of millions of Floridians who vote-by-mail, or wind up voting provisionally, on the untrained opinions of canvassing boards or elections officials as to whether or not signatures match. The problem is that voters in one county are subject to different standards for reviewing signatures than others and there is no uniform standard or even sufficient training for this, and it’s highly error-prone.

Studies have shown that laypersons conducting signature matching are more likely to reject legitimate signatures as inauthentic than the other way around. This serves as an outright disenfranchisement and burden on the right to vote.


Right now the results are unknown, as to who has won. If I had to place a bet I would say it is more likely than not that Senator Nelson will prevail in a recount and therefore be sworn in again to the United States Senate for another term in January.

Republicans outside of Donald Trump and Rick Scott also tend to believe that Nelson is going to win on the recount.

The reason why Nelson is likely to win centers around the number of votes left to be counted in Democratic counties, and the fact that hand examination of the ballots is probably going to reveal more Democratic votes.

Republicans have already lost on their demand for a voter fraud investigation, as law enforcement dropped the investigation due to a lack of allegations of voter fraud. The path to victory in the Senate race is narrowing for Republicans. This isn’t 2000, and Democrats are fighting hard to get every vote counted under the belief that if all the votes are counted, Bill Nelson is going back to the Senate for another term.

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