The Russians Are Trying To Influence The Elections In Florida

Russian controlled social media accounts are trying to influence the close and still contested Senate and gubernatorial elections in Florida.

Look at the trending topics and hashtags that are being tweeted about most often by Russian controlled accounts.

(All data from the alliance for securing democracy):

The Russians are trying to divide the US while helping Trump

The Russians tried to influence the midterm election, but they were not successful because social media companies made a better effort to keep their propaganda from gaining traction, and more importantly, the American people have learned what to look for and are more suspicious.

However, the Russians have seized on the controversy surrounding Florida and attempting to exploit it do divide the American people. As has become the norm, the Russians appear to be mostly targeting Republicans after Trump has spent years making his party receptive to their message.

As passions get more heated in Florida, it is important to scrutinize information on social media.

The Russians are still trying to mess with our democracy, but the defense remains informed American voters and news consumers.

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