Trump Marks Veterans Day Blowing Off Trip To American WWI Cemetery In France


Trump blew off a visit to pay tribute to fallen World War I American heroes in Northern France, which serves as a reminder that he doesn’t care about vets or their sacrifices.

Trump abruptly canceled his scheduled trip and sent Mike Pompeo and John Kelly instead:


Here is what most likely happened. Old man Trump doesn’t travel well, and he is even moodier and crankier when he is overseas. Trump got to France, saw the schedule, threw a fit, decided that he didn’t want to go, and the trip was hastily canceled blaming the weather. There is a precedent for such behavior.

The message that Trump is sending is clear. He doesn’t care about veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice. He doesn’t care about leading the nation, or the ceremonial duties of the presidency. Trump treats the presidency like a toy that he picks up and plays with sometimes.

Veterans and the American people deserve better.

They deserve inconvenience who takes all aspects of the job, even those that require personal inconvience seriously.