Democrats Flip Senate Seat As Kyrsten Sinema Is The Projected Winner In Arizona


Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is projected to have defeated Martha McSally in the Arizona Senate election.

Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report tweeted:


The blue wave continues to crash ashore. This means that Democrats have flipped Senate seats in Arizona and Nevada, which kills the myth that the election was a “split decision.” Democrats had a very good election. With the result in Florida still pending, Democrats have done the impossible. They took on a Senate map where Trump won by double digits in ten states where they held seats, and won six elections outright, and flipped two Republican-held Senate seats, with the result in Florida still pending.

The Arizona Senate race has been trending toward Sinema for a while. The Democratic candidate has consistently gained ground since Election Day, and after her massive vote pick up over the weekend, it was less a matter of if she would win, but when she would be declared the winner.

There is still business to be taken care of in Florida and possibly Georgia, but Republicans were delivered an electoral butt kicking the voters, as, after years of work, Democratic efforts are finally paying dividends in the Southwest.

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