Maxine Waters To Investigate Trump For Money Laundering

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), the incoming chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee said that among other issues, she would be investigating Trump and money laundering.


Waters made it clear that investigating Trump is not going to be the dominant issue of her committee, but she added, “We are responsible for looking at sanctions, the treasurer, and his responsibility for implementing those sanctions, and also again, looking at money launding, and we’ll do some of that along with the other big issues that we’re dealing with in the Financial Services Committee.”

Rep. Maxine Waters has taken a keen interest in Deutsche Bank and Trump

Rep. Waters has a lot more on her plate beyond investigating Trump, but what has the president so rattled and on the attack is that she is very interested in why when no US bank will lend Trump money was Deutsche Bank so eager to front the Trump Organization cash when they were deemed untouchable by most financial institutions.

An investigation of Deutsche Bank will end up being an investigation of Trump since the two are linked together.

House Democrats have sent the message that voters didn’t put them back in the majority to do nothing, but investigate Trump. Democrats have a policy agenda that involves healthcare, jobs, and infrastructure.

Since Republicans did zero oversight of the Trump administration over the past two years, Democrats have a lot to catch up on, but the House will be doing so much more.

Trump doesn’t care about anything else. The reason why he and his allies attack Maxine Waters is because they are afraid that the powerful black woman with oversight powers is going to pull some very ugly financial skeletons out of the Trump closet.

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