Democrats To Subpoena Interpreter in Secret Trump/Putin Meeting

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said that House Democrats are going to subpoena Trump’s interpreter who was in the room when Trump held his private meeting with Putin.

Swalwell said on MSNBC’s The Beat With Ari Melber, “We want to do things that make a difference in our democracy and people’s lives, as it relates to Russia. Certainly, fill in the gaps. Bring in Michael Cohen. Understand the deal he was trying to do with Trump Tower in Moscow. Know whether he told the president trump or not. Finally, understand what don junior told his dad to do this so we protect against future interference by the Russians and know what the president said to Vladimir Putin in that summit when he met one-on-one and only a U.S. interpreter was there and praised him on a world stage and defied the findings of our intelligence officials.”

Rep. Swalwell said that Democrats were elected because of healthcare, so they aren’t going to be only focused on investigations, but he later added, “The days of presidential immunity are over. Looking the other way, giving the president a free pass, not standing up for our democracy is done. The voters voted to put a check on power on these abuses of power. We’re going to do our job there.”


The days of Trump getting a free pass from Congress are long gone

The American people have traded wishy-washy Paul Ryan in for tough Nancy Pelosi. They have swapped a Republican-run House that looked the other way for a Democratic majority that is willing to negotiate but will hold this president accountable. Trump’s days of acting like a king are history. Democracy and checks and balances are being restored.

A president should not be holding secret meetings behind closed doors with America’s enemies without even staff in the room. In the name of accountability and national security the interpreter must be called to testify, and what that testimony reveals could shake the very foundations of American democracy.