Florida Voters Sue Rick Scott For Illegal Abuse Of Power

A group of Florida voters is suing Gov. Rick Scott for abusing his power and illegally interfering in the Florida Senate election where he is also a candidate.

Read the complaint:


The lawsuit filed by the League of Women Voters Florida and Common Cause Florida, who are representing voters, states:

Being tasked with certifying the results of an election in which one is running for office poses a risk of bias under the best of circumstances. But Defendant Scott’s efforts to use the authority of his office to advance his campaign and his political party have been extreme.

His race is already close enough to be subject to a mandatory recount, and he has repeatedly threatened law enforcement intervention in the vote-counting process. As Plaintiffs League of Women Voters of Florida and Common Cause Florida explained in a demand letter on Friday, Defendant Scott has “intentionally politicized governance of the elections by publicly threatening a show of force . . . . These actions can easily be seen as intimidation of election officials who need to remain unencumbered while they engage in their very demanding work.”

. Defendant Scott has already misused his authority to influence and frustrate the high stakes vote-counting process, and the powers of his office give him opportunity to continue to misuse his authority.

The plaintiffs want Scott to be recused and barred from using his authority to interfere in the election. Rick Scott has pulled a page out of the Trump playbook. He is accusing Democrats of fraud and trying to steal the election while he is using every ounce of his political power and position to try to prevent votes from being counted in Florida.

The Senate election is close, and Republicans are terrified that if all of the votes are counted, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson is going to win.

The only person who is trying to steal an election in Florida is Rick Scott, and the voters are fighting back to stop him.

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