Trump Brags About His Response To California Fires After Spending Days Attacking The State

True to form, the unhinged president of the United States took to Twitter on Monday night to brag about what he’s calling a swift response to the California wildfires.

In the social media post, Trump announced he was (finally) declaring a state of emergency in California and boasted that he was responding “quickly in order to alleviate some of the incredible suffering going on.”

The full tweet from the president:

This is pure and simple BS

Once again, by saying he is “with you all the way” to California, Trump is spewing nonsense and hoping all of us don’t notice. California certainly won’t buy it.

After all, over the past several days, Trump has attacked the state and threatened to withhold federal money – insulting first responders, victims and just about anybody else with a pulse.

The president is fooling nobody, despite his late effort to pretend to care about one of the 50 states he’s supposed to represent.

Trump showed his hand already, and his – or his staff’s – attempt at a cleanup on Monday is a waste of everybody’s time.

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