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New House Democrats Have Their Sights Set On Gun Control

Sarah Palin sounded the alarm on Twitter when she wrote:

“Here They Come: Dems Planning ‘Aggressive’ Gun Control Push When They Take Over House”

Of course, Palin thinks it is a bad thing for people to actually talk about putting any limitations on gun ownership. But the former Republican vice presidential candidate is increasingly in the minority in this country as the majority of voters now favor some types of gun control.

On election day dozens of candidates who campaigned on a platform of imposing new gun control laws were elected to public office. These candidates were from from all over the country, showing that it is no longer a regional issue, but is a true national issue.

The results of the midterm elections also show that more people are not afraid to take on the National Rifle Association (NRA) anymore. In fact last month we reported that:

“U.S. gun-control advocates have outspent by more than 40 percent gun-rights groups on next month’s congressional elections, reversing the National Rifle Association’s longstanding dominance in spending on gun politics.”

Giffords PAC, the gun-violence prevention group founded by former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, was very active this election cycle. In fact 95 House candidates endorsed by Giffords PAC won their elections and will be strong advocates for gun control in the new Congress.

Another gun control group founded by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, Everytown for Gun Safety, had successful results also. It made 66 endorsements in federal races and 83 percent of them won.

Gun control advocates say that in elections where they took on incumbents supported by the NRA they were more successful than the powerful gun lobby which historically had been known for winning elections.

Republicans in Congress have been heavily criticized for offering their thoughts and prayers, but taking no action after horrendous incidents of gun violence. Democratic leaders say that the new Congress which convenes in January will be very different.

After the mass murder in Thousand Oaks, California, last week the likely new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said she expects action on “common-sense background checks to prevent guns going into the wrong hands.”

“This will be a priority for us in the next Congress,” she said.

Pelosi will be joined by a group of Democrats in the new House who will help her push for new legislation on gun restrictions. Of course bills passed in the House by Democrats are not likely to pass the Republican-controlled Senate, let alone be signed into law by President Trump.

Lanae Erickson, vice president for social policy at the Third Way think tank had this to say:

“The House is now going to be the seat of power for Democrats at the federal level, so it’s really going to drive the agenda for what the Democratic party stands for going into the primary in 2020.”

Erickson admitted that any gun-related legislation passed by Democrats would never make it into law. But she said that starting in 2019 House Democrats will be able to show voters what they will do if they are able to take more power in the future.

And for the Democratic Party, their agenda is clear. If they are are able to take power, then more gun control legislation is the way of the future.

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