Trump Runs Away When Asked About CNN Suing Him

Trump ran out of the room at a White House event when he was asked about CNN suing him for banning reporter Jim Acosta.


Trump was asked at the end of the video above about the CNN lawsuit, and all he said was, “We’ll be talking about,” and then he walked out of the room. Trump only runs away when the news and the publicity are bad. When he thinks he can twist something to his advantage, he has no issue with talking to reporters.

The president’s flight out of the room, along with the White House’s changing story for why they banned Acosta are signs that they never expected this sort of backlash when they tried to punish a reporter.

Trump probably thought that banning Acosta would change the subject away from the midterm losses that continue to mount, but it has backfired on him and left the entire administration looking even worse than usual.

Trump and Sarah Sanders are heading for decisive defeat in court. Trump will try to turn this lawsuit to his advantage, probably with a tweet, but the damage has been done, as Trump’s dime store dictator act has turned into a new self-created disaster.

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