Democratic Midterm Win Sends Trump Into A Rage Filled Depression

A new report from inside the White House states that Trump is bitter and resentful over the midterm that he is refusing to fulfill presidential obligations.

According to Eli Stokols in the LA Times:

His mood apparently has changed as he has taken measure of the electoral backlash that voters delivered Nov. 6. With the certainty that the incoming Democratic House majority will go after his tax returns and investigate his actions, and the likelihood of additional indictments by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, Trump has retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment, according to multiple administration sources.


Publicly, Trump has been increasingly absent in recent days — except on Twitter. He has canceled travel plans and dispatched Cabinet officials and aides to events in his place — including sending Vice President Mike Pence to Asia for the annual summits there in November that past presidents nearly always attended.

Trump is mad about losing the midterm, so he has checked out

The United States has never had a president who took his ball and went home after getting beaten in a midterm election. Trump is looking for someone else to blame that he couldn’t possibly be his fault that he ran around the country telling voters that he was on the ballot and the promptly got destroyed.

Trump didn’t just lose the House and state-level races. The Senate gains that he bragged about the day after the election have pretty much evaporated as the president blew a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a 60 vote filibuster-proof Senate majority. You voted, and now Trump is so depressed that he doesn’t even want to pretend to be doing his job.

All it took was one election day taste of reality to crush Trump and send him back into his fantasy world of tweets and Fox News.

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