Aides Avoiding ‘Furious’ Trump As He Faces Reality of Midterm Disaster

The walls are closing in on President Donald Trump, and he knows it.

Increasingly he is acting like a desperate man facing difficult situations that he can’t win.

And according to The Los Angles Times, life for his staffers inside the White House is growing intolerable. They said that the president’s closest aides are all “avoiding” Trump and his “furious” behavior.

Perhaps they can sense a train wreck is coming and they are just trying to get out of the way before he crashes and burns.

Although he has tried to deny it, the midterm elections, by giving control of the House to Democrats, was an unmitigated disaster. Right after the elections he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointed the totally incompetent Matthew Whitaker as the acting attorney general. This got headlines for a few days.

Then he went to the World War I ceremonies in Europe, made outrageous comments, and then refused to attend the ceremonies because it was raining. This also got headlines for a few days.

What has not made headlines is that other than sending out a few tweets Trump has kept a low profile since the midterms and has even failed to show up to public events.

Now White House aides are saying that Trump is actually extremely nervous about the legal problems he will soon be facing. In January there will be a new Democratically-controlled House of Representatives, and they will be doing investigations. Reports say that they may be preparing as many as 85 subpoenas for information relevant to the probes into Trump, his staff, and his cabinet members.

On top of that, there is the looming potential nightmare of indictments coming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“He’s furious,” an administration official said. “Most staffers are trying to avoid him.”

The official said that Trump is “trying to decide who to blame” in light of all his failures.

This is typical Trump. He will lose his temper and then start blaming everyone around him for all of the problems that he has caused by his own behavior.

A Wall Street Journal report last week which confirmed that during his presidential campaign Trump played a “central role” in arranging hush money payoffs for two women alleging affairs with him reportedly put him in an extremely bad mood.

Increasingly, they say, Trump is retreating into his comfort zones and is not fulfilling even the basic duties of the presidency. He has missed multiple public events over the past week and he sent other officials in his place. Even on Veterans Day, Trump took a low profile and decided not to attend a traditional presidential ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

In recent days there have also been rumors of more personnel changes in the White House.

White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly and Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, who are close allies, “seem to be on their way out.”

The Trump presidency is no longer functioning. The president’s behavior is increasingly erratic, causing many people to worry that he may have a breakdown. The walls are indeed closing in on Donald Trump, and the only relevant question seems to be this: How long can he survive?