Jeff Flake protect Mueller

Jeff Flake Tells Mitch McConnell No More Judges Until Mueller Is Protected

Sen. Jeff Flake took a public stand and announced on the Senate floor that he would not vote for any Trump judicial nominees until Special Counsel Robert Mueller is protected.

Flake said, “I have informed the Majority Leader that I will not vote to advance any of the 21 judicial nominees pending in the Judiciary Committee or vote to confirm the 32 judges awaiting confirmation on the Senate floor until S.2644 is brought to the full Senate for a vote.”

S. 2644 is the bipartisan Senate bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Jeff Flake Finally Takes A Stand

Jeff Flake has finally backed up his words with action. Flake’s statement is powerful because he sits on the Judiciary Committee and can sink all of the 21 pending nominations. People have been waiting for Jeff Flake to do more than criticize Trump’s behavior. Flake has done something, and what he did has painted Mitch McConnell into a corner. If McConnell wants to get more judges confirmed in the lame duck session, he will have to protect Mueller.
If Mitch McConnell continues to protect Trump, he will have to start the confirmation process all over again when the new Congress is sworn in.

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