Mueller Gets Closer To Trump By Zeroing In On Russian Email Hack Participants


Special Counsel Robert Mueller is zeroing in on people in Trump’s orbit who may have participated in the Russian hack of DNC emails.

The Wall Street Journal reported in a story about Mueller investigating Roger Stone for witness tampering, “Mr. Mueller’s team is examining whether Mr. Stone, along with several other pro-Trump activists, knew in advance about WikiLeaks’ release of Democrats’ emails in the 2016 campaign, according to people familiar with the matter. At the heart of Mr. Mueller’s inquiry is the question of whether anyone in Mr. Trump’s orbit participated in Russia’s efforts to hack and release the materials.”

Mueller is focused on Trump and the campaign

The timing of Trump’s unconstitutional move of putting Matthew Whitaker in as attorney general makes sense now. Mueller is getting close to Trump, so the president is trying to cut the investigation off before it gets to him. The endgame for Trump has always been to try to stop the investigation before it reaches him.

Robert Mueller wants to connect the dots and find out if people associated with Trump knew about or participated in the Russian hack of the DNC. The investigation goes beyond the Trump campaign and is looking at people in Trump’s life. Since the campaign and Trump’s personal associates were so interrelated, this approach makes total sense.


The Special Counsel is getting closer to putting the remaining pieces of the Russia scandal together, and the piece that might link it all is Donald Trump.

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