Omarosa Says The Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Author Was Found And Removed From The Administration

Omarosa told MSNBC’s Craig Melvin that she has heard that the anonymous New York Times op-ed author was found and quietly removed from the Trump administration.

Omarosa told MSNBC’s Craig Melvin, “I haven’t found out who it is, but I understand from my sources that they’ve actually identified that person and has quietly removed them from the administration.”


The Trump administration is the world’s worst reality television show, so of course, people who are still working in the White House are leaking to Omarosa. It makes sense that the Trump administration would be hush-hush about the removal of somebody who held a high ranking post, but not be well known to the public, because the public revealing of that person’s identity could be more humiliating to Trump and the White House than making up some excuse for their departure and quietly removing them from the administration.

Eventually, the public will find out who the op-ed author was.

In the meantime, the speculation will continue to focus on people within Mike Pence’s orbit, as the vice president has not been shy about forming a shadow presidential campaign organization and positioning himself to take over when the inevitable end comes for Donald Trump. The problem for Pence has always been that when Trump goes down, he will be taking the vice president with him.

In a presidency full of embarrassments, the anonymous op-ed from inside his own administration will be one that Trump will always be remembered for.