Rachel Maddow Drops Clue That Mueller Has More Dirt On Trump Than We Thought

Rachel Maddow laid out a big clue on Wednesday that Robert Mueller may have more dirt on Donald Trump than we previously thought.

In an updated court filing, the special counsel’s office said it would need more time with former Trump campaign deputy Rick Gates because he is cooperating with them on “several ongoing investigations.”

But as Maddow pointed out on Wednesday, when the special counsel’s office filed a similar update in August, they noted that Gates was only cooperating with a single investigation.

Today’s document suggests there are additional probes the former Trump official is now involved in, which is probably not the news the White House wanted to hear.


Maddow explained:

So they told the court in August that they would need another 90 days before they check in again. That 90 days is now up. Today, Mueller’s office filed a new update with the court about Rick Gates. And in the new update just filed, Mueller’s office says they still are not ready to finish with Rick Gates. They’ve asked the court for another 60 days with him. They want to check in with the court again in mid-January. But this time, this is interesting, this time they say the reason they need more time with him is because Rick Gates, quote, continues to cooperate with respect to several ongoing investigations. Oh. So 90 days ago the investigation Rick Gates was helping them with was ongoing, “The investigation.” Now today it’s “Several investigations” that he is helping them with, and they are all still ongoing.

Trump is becoming increasingly nervous

The fact that, over time, Robert Mueller’s investigation has taken on more angles – not fewer – should worry the White House. After all, if you’re on the path to being cleared of criminal conduct, the number of legal inquiries and questions should decrease over time.

In the case of Trump and his cronies, though, the longer the special counsel’s office looks into his potential crimes, the more evidence they seem to uncover. As a result, one investigation has seemingly morphed into multiple investigations.

It’s no wonder Trump has spent the days since last week’s election completely imploding. Not only is Trump about to crash into a wall of Democratic oversight, but Robert Mueller may have more dirt on the president than we previously thought.

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