Stacey Abrams Approves Ad Buy For Runoff And Georgia Republicans Freak Out

Georgia Republicans filed an ethics complaint against Stacey Abrams after she approved an ad buy for the potential gubernatorial runoff.

Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution tweeted:

Stacey Abrams Is Planning For A Runoff

The ad buy approval means Democrat Stacey Abrams is planning for a runoff. Democrats in Georgia aren’t just going through the motions of demanding that every vote is counted. They are expecting Brian Kemp’s margin to shrink and that a runoff election will be held. One would think that Republicans wouldn’t fear a runoff in Georgia, but they are terrified of the Abrams get out the vote machine that has already flipped several US House seats into the Democratic column in Peach State.

Republicans are flipping out because they know that if a runoff happens, and with Brian Kemp no longer being Secretary of State, they stand a decent chance of losing. A Democratic victory in Georgia means an end to one of the nation’s worst voter suppression systems, and a path for Democrats to turn the state blue in 2020.

The ethics complaint that Georgia Republicans filed is a joke, but it is also a sign of how deeply they fear Stacey Abrams and what could happen in a runoff election.

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