Sen Mark Warner Calls Out Trump While Demanding Mueller Protection Bill

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, sounded the alarm Thursday morning that Trump is interfering in the Mueller probe right in front of our eyes.

As evidence, Warner posted screenshots of tweets from Trump just this morning:

One of Trump’s tweets suggests that he knows what is going on behind the scenes in the Mueller investigation, which is deeply troubling if true:

But of course, this is the president who appointed his “DOJ eyes and ears” to be Acting Attorney General to oversee an investigation into Trump’s own possible collusion with a hostile foreign power, so the idea of him meddling into the Mueller probe is already established.

Trump also admitted in an interview with the Daily Caller that he installed Whitaker to shut down Mueller.

Trump doesn’t see a need to hide these things because he feels entitled to do what works best for him, with no oversight. That is the mark of a fascist leader, not the president of a democracy.

There’s no big secret to Trump – he is what he tells you he is. He’s clearly done something wrong (what that is remains to be seen, it could be financial or it could be collusion or it could be both) and his answer to that is to shut down the investigation.

Conservatives flipped out when Bill Clinton was seen speaking briefly to then AG Loretta Lynch on a tarmac while Hillary Clinton was under investigation, but now they’re perfectly fine with Trump going around the Senate confirmation process to appoint someone who thinks Mueller probe should be defunded and shut down to a position that is only empty because Trump fired Jeff Sessions for not recusing himself from… the Russia probe.

So yes, Senator Warner is correc; this is happening right in front of our eyes. The question is: Will Senator Mitch McConnell stop driving the effort to protect Trump from being held accountable for his own actions, or will he do as he has been doing and continue the Republican-led assault on our norms and rules and indeed, even laws.

The mob is here, but it’s not liberal. It’s the Trump syndicate of authoritarians undermining democracy at every turn.

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