After Losing In Court, Trump Threatens CNN’s Jim Acosta

Trump issued a new threat to throw CNN’s Jim Acosta out of the White House, even after he lost in court.

In an interview that will air on Fox News Sunday, Trump said of the ruling, “It’s fine. It’s not a big deal. What they said was that we need to create rules and regulations for conduct, et cetra, et cetra, we’re writing them up. We’re doing that right now, and if he misbehaves, we’ll throw him out again, or we’ll stop the news conference.”


Trump is still threatening CNN and Jim Acosta

Trump repeated his threat that he would close down news conferences, and leave if reporters aren’t nice to him. It is clear that Trump doesn’t view this confrontation that he provoked and is trying turn into a war with the free press as over. Trump is going to try to remove Acosta again or force the reporter to stop challenging him with tough questions.

The restraining order that was granted to CNN was a major defeat, and other administration would be embarrassed by what happened, but Trump keeps doubling down and digging the hole even deeper. Reporters and journalists aren’t easily bullied or threatened. Trump is working under the false that he delivers ratings for the press, but it is possible that many in the media are not going to be intimidated by whatever “rules” this White House puts in place.

Donald Trump is still threatening Jim Acosta and CNN because he thinks that it is good for him politically. The press is never going to Trump’s lap dog. He is fighting a battle that he is destined to lose because, in this country, the First Amendment is above any president.

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