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Broken Trump Babbles The Same Words At California Fires That He Uses At Every Disaster

Trump repeated his talking points about law enforcement while visiting no victims of the California wildfires.

Trump said, “So the federal government is behind you, we’re all behind each other. I think we can truly say that. Jerry and I have been speaking, and Gavin and I have gotten to know each other, and we’re all going to work together and do a real job. In is very sad to see. As far as the lives are concerned, nobody knows quite yet. They’re up to a certain number, but we have a lot of people that aren’t accounted for. This is the kind of destruction — in fact, they’re telling me this is even not as bad as some areas. Some areas are even beyond this, they’re just charred. So the one thing we have, we have the greatest people in the world looking at helping the first responders, FEMA. FEMA has been incredible. Law enforcement always, they never let us down. So we are here and, Kevin, thank you very much for the job you’ve done and the support you’ve given in Washington. And, Kevin, anything we can do, you know we’re here. You just bring it over to the office, right? You know that.”


Trump has used the same language after hurricanes where he goes somewhere, stands beside a few local politicians, praises FEMA and law enforcement, visits no victims, and then runs home.

It is the same tired template after national tragedy or disaster. Trump is even repeating the same words over and over again. The only thing that changes the backdrop.

This isn’t leadership.

Trump can’t go on Twitter and threaten to deny disaster relief to California while blaming the state for poor management of federal lands, but then show up for the cameras and repeat his stale talking pointing while expecting anyone to believe him or care.

Donald Trump has been broken by midterms and the Russia investigations. He looked and sounded like he could less about the thousands of people still missing after the fires.

America would be better served if Trump stopped wasting their money by going through the motions when he does not care.

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