As Mueller Prepares To Pounce, Trump Gives Himself An A+ As President

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing to unleash more indictments, but Trump gave himself a grade of A+ as president.

Trump said on Fox News Sunday, “I think I’m doing a great job. We have the best economy we’ve ever had. We’re doing really well. We would have been at war with North Korea if, let’s say, that administration continued forward. I would give myself, I would – look, I hate to do it, but I will do it, I would give myself an A+, is that enough? Can I go higher than that?”


By no historical metric is Trump an A+ president

There are many components to a presidency that Trump has shown zero interest in. Trump has failed every single leadership test. He has governed like a reality television star who has no clue what he is doing. Trump has no legislative agenda. He just got slaughtered in the midterm elections, and his administration may go down in history as the most corrupt in nearly 100 years.

Trump can try to convince himself and his followers that he is an A+ president, but he is closer to an F than an A.

Robert Mueller is coming with more indictments soon, but Donald Trump is off in fantasy land thinking that he is doing a great job. One of the biggest problems in the country right now is that it is being run by a man with no attachment to reality.

The Special Counsel’s next wave of indictments is going to prove that the only metric where Trump is elite is on the measurement of presidential corruption and crime.

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