Adam Schiff Vows To Expose Any Trump Plot To Curb Mueller

Rep. Adam Schiff warned Matthew Whitaker and Trump that any effort to stop Mueller would be discovered and exposed by Democrats.

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

RADDATZ: So what will Democrats do about it?

SCHIFF: We will expose any involvement he has in it. He needs to know that if he takes any action to curb what Mr. Mueller does, we’re going to find out about it. We’re going to expose it. And I would certainly call on my colleagues right now to avoid the constitutional crisis, take action now, speak out against this appointment.

You can imagine that if a Democratic president who’s administration was effectively under investigation appointed someone as attorney general who had expressed hostility to that investigation, talked about crippling it, the hue and cry, and they would be right.

And we are right to raise this. This is attack on the rule of law, and the question for my GOP colleagues is will they have the same devotion to rule of law and institution that their predecessors during Watergate had?

Because that’s what’s called for right now.


Adam Schiff Is Warning Trump To Back Off Mueller

Adam Schiff warned Matthew Whitaker last week that was nowhere for him to hide if he does Trump‘s dirty work and takes action against Mueller. Schiff’s warnings are getting more direct and specific, because he will soon be in the charge of the House Intelligence Committee that be investigating the Russia scandal.

Under Republican leadership, the Intelligence Committee was used as a weapon to undermine the Special Counsel investigation, but Schiff is going to use the committee to not only conduct its own full and fair investigation, but it will also protect Mueller as much as possible.

Trump has been warned. If he moves forward with obstructing the Mueller probe in this way, Democrats will find out, and they have the power to bring the ultimate punishment of impeachment.

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