Trump Is Afraid That Mueller Is Going To Indict Don Jr.

Trump is worried and telling the people around him that he is afraid Special Counsel Robert Mueller will indict his son, Donald Trump Jr.

The AP’s Jonathan Lemire said on MSNBC, “This has been bubbling under the surface for a while. In terms of don junior, in Trump world, this is something that has been gnawing at them for a time. Since the summer when we first got wind of this. They feel like the president’s eldest son could be vulnerable. He hasn’t been charged with anything, but the president has been telling them that he fears his son may have done something wrong. Perhaps accidentally and, in particular, he has seen Mueller get closer and closer to his inner circle, whether Gates, Manafort, Flynn. At this point, this could be next, members of his own family. And that has always been a great question, how he would react if that were to happen. Would that finally be that red line if Mueller were to cross, the president would act to curtail this probe?”


Reports are growing surrounding Don Jr. and the Mueller investigation

A report last week suggested that Mueller is preparing to come after Trump allies and potentially Trump’s family. Publicly, Donald Trump has denied that his son did anything wrong, but that position has shifted to a claim that maybe Don Jr. accidentally broke the law. The law doesn’t recognize accidents as an excuse. It is beginning to sound like the odds are decent that Donald Trump Jr. is going to be indicted.

If his own son gets indicted, all hell could and likely will break loose, as Trump is certain to fire Mueller and trigger a national crisis. It could all be happening soon, which is why Trump is afraid and lashing out before the Russia scandal hits the fan.

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