Trump too busy to visit troops

Trump Says He’s Too Busy To Visit The Troops Overseas

Trump said that he has been too busy to do his job as commander in chief and go visit the troops that are stationed overseas.

Trump said when asked about visiting the troops, “Well, I think you will see that happen. There are things that are being planned. We don’t want to talk about it because of, obviously, because of security reasons and everything else. … I’ve had an unbelievable busy schedule, and I will be doing it. On top of which you have these phony witch hunts. On top of which — I mean, we’ve just been very busy. But I will be doing that.”


Trump has filled his time with tweeting, watching Fox News, and holding rallies

Jim Roberts pointed out that Trump has held 26 political rallies since Labor Day:

Trump has averaged very roughly a rally every four days, but he can’t find the time to go visit the troops overseas.

The truth is that Trump hates to travel. Trump gets exhausted easily during overseas trips. He has been too tired to do press conferences when he travels, and he hates staying anyone that isn’t one of his hotels.

Trump has no interest in visiting the troops overseas because that would involve actually doing some of the work of the work that is required by the presidency. Trump isn’t too busy. He is too lazy, and he doesn’t care enough about the men and women stationed overseas to go see them in person.

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