Nicolle Wallace Shows How Trump Is Exactly Like Sarah Palin


Nicolle Wallace compared Trump to Sarah Palin while discussing how they both were exposed in national television interviews for the entire country to see.

Wallace said, “In the same way that Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin revealed her staggering deficiencies as a vice presidential candidate and the yawning gaps in her knowledge about world events and policy, Chris Wallace’s Sunday interview with Donald J. Trump reveals that nothing is sacred. Not an American hero who commanded the operation that took down Bin Laden. Not a national holiday which America pays tribute to the men and women of the military who give their lives to protect our freedom and security. Not the man who serves as the president’s chief of staff or the woman who enacts his hard-line immigration policies. Nothing and no one is spared from Donald Trump’s obsession with himself.”



Nicolle Wallace went for something deeper than Trump and Palin’s respective similar ignorance and rejection of facts. Wallace was talking about both of them were exposed on national television as being grossly deficient for the offices that they seek or hold. Both of them thrive on fear and paranoia, and they both operate as a cult of personality. Trump is an example of what happens when the cult gets elected, and Palin is what’s left when the cult moves on.

Neither one of these people is fit for public office, but the Republican Party tried to elect Palin and did (sort of) elect Trump. Trump gives himself an A+ in comparison to other presidents. However, his real equivalent and peer on the public stage isn’t Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan. It’s Sarah Palin.

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