Katy Tur Nails Ivanka Trump For Thinking She’s Above The Law

Katy Tur pointed out the bigger problem with Ivanka Trump’s illegal emails. It is an example of Trump and his family think they’re above the law.

Tur said:

The issue here is not just that she did it, which is hypocritical in itself, but that it shows all of the other ways in which this family, this administration and even the cabinet for the administrations have felt that they are above the law or that the rules don’t matter to them. You can go through a long list of things. You can talk about the violations of the Emoluments Clause, and Donald Trump not releasing the taxes or divesting from business and Kellyanne Conway hawking Ivanka Trump’s fashion line while standing on the White House lawn, and visits to Mar-a-Lago and he goes to golf courses more than anybody else and even after he complained that Obama golfed too much.

Pruitt and Zinke and others using the taxpayer money for their own personal businesses, and feeling as if the government works for them, and that they don’t work for the American people. Feeling as if the rules don’t apply, and if they don’t, if they do it, it does not matter. And while at the same time criticizing everybody else in government for doing exactly the same sort of thing.


Ivanka’s Emails Are The Latest Example Of Trump Family Lawlessness

The state of New York has sued the president and his family over a pattern of consistent illegality. An investigation revealed that the Trump family business model is a scam.

The Trump family has been getting away will illegal activity for decades, so they believe that they are above the law, but they are now in a position where there focus on an ability to check and investigate their behavior. Ivanka Trump thought she was above the law, but she is about to get a dose of reality as Democrats will be investigating her email usage, and for the first time in her life, a Trump will be held accountable.

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