Trump Blames Hillary Clinton For Ivanka’s Email Scandal


In an answer that was total gibberish, Trump tried to blame Hillary Clinton for his daughter Ivanka‘s email scandal while speaking to reporters.

Trump said, “Just so you understand, early on and for a little part of the time, Ivanka did some e-mails. They weren’t classified like Hillary Clinton. They weren’t deleted like Hillary Clinton, who deleted she wasn’t doing anything to hide her e-mails I looked at it just very briefly today. And the presidential records, they are all in presidential records. There was no hiding. There was no deleting like Hillary Clinton did. There was no servers in the basement like Hillary Clinton had. You’re talking about a whole different — you’re talking about all fake news. So what Ivanka did is all in the presidential records everything is there. There was no deletion, nothing it was a false story Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 e-mails. She had a server in the basement that’s the real story.”



Trump Tried To Shift The Blame To Hillary Clinton For Ivanka Trump’s Emails

Using a private email account is a form of trying to keep information out of the public record, which means that Trump‘s answer is nonsense. Ivanka Trump, like Hillary Clinton, used a private email system. In Ivanka‘s case, it was a private email domain, not an individual private email address, but a private email system.

Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with Ivanka Trump‘s emails.

House Democrats are already intending to investigate all email use by this White House, including Ivanka Trump.

Donald Trump couldn’t offer a real answer to the question so he started babbling about servers in basements, fake news, and Hillary Clinton all in an effort to pass the blame on to Clinton and deflect attention from his daughter’s behavior.
Trump’s own administration admitted the similarity between Ivanka Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The president’s attempted deflection fell flat, and his daughter’s email remains a big political problem.

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