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Record-Breaking Blue Wave: Democrats Won The 2018 Midterms By Widest Vote Margin Ever

The blue wave continues to grow as more votes are tallied from this month’s midterm elections.

As MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin pointed out Wednesday, the Democrats’ raw vote margin from the 2018 midterm elections – nearly 9 million votes so far – has broken the previous record set in the Watergate era.

The Washington Post added, “In terms of raw votes, the Democratic margin has already topped the widest margin by which either party has earned more votes in a midterm, as noted by Cook Political’s Dave Wasserman. The prior record, an 8.7-million vote margin, was set by the Democrats in the post-Watergate 1974 midterms.”

The blue wave keeps getting bluer

With more ballots being counted, particularly in California, the blue wave keeps getting bluer for Democrats. By every measure, Republicans were trounced this year.

As The Hill reported Wednesday, “So far, Democrats have earned 53.1 percent of the overall vote in this month’s House races while Republicans took 45.2 percent – and the gap is reportedly widening as more votes roll in.”

The report added, “Democrats have earned a 234 to 199 majority in the incoming House as two seats have yet to be called, giving them a net gain of almost 40 House seats.”

When all is said and done, there is no denying not only that this year’s blue wave exceeded expectation for the Democrats, but that the American people don’t like the direction of the country under Donald Trump.

If this year’s results were an indication of what’s to come in 2020, Trump and the Republicans should be shaking in their boots.

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