James Comey Rejects GOP Games And Demands An Open Hearing

James Comey reacted to the House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee subpoenaing him by demanding an opening hearing to avoid Republican distortions and leaks.
Comey responded to the Republican subpoena by tweeting:

James Comey won’t have his testimony distorted and leaked to defend Trump

James Comey is no fool. He knows exactly why Republicans want him to testify behind closed doors. As one of their final acts in power, House Republicans want to distort and warp Comey‘s testimony to build a defense for Donald Trump against Robert Mueller and the Democratic investigation that is going to follow when Democrats officially take control of the House in January.

James Comey made it clear that he would be happy to testify, but only if it is in public in front of the entire world so that his words cannot be distorted or selectively leaked to help Trump. Comey knows what the House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are all about, and he is not going to be anyone’s pawn, and he most certainly won’t have his words weaponized as a defense for Donald Trump.

Republicans tried to pull a Thanksgiving surprise, but the former FBI Director turned the tables and put the GOP on the hot seat because it isn’t Comey who has something to hide. The Republican Party and Donald Trump are the ones who are trying to make sure that the truth is not in full view for the American people to see.

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