Jerome Corsi Lied To Mueller And Now Trump Is Going To Pay

Jerome Corsi is trying to cut a plea deal with Robert Mueller because he expects to spend the remainder of his life in prison for his role in Trump’s Russia scandal.

The Washington Post reported:

In a webcast and a series of interviews, Corsi said he had spoken to prosecutors for 40 hours and feared that he could spend much of the remainder of his life in prison.

After two months of interviews, Corsi, 72, said he felt his brain was “mush.”

“Trying to explain yourself to these people is impossible . . . I guess I couldn’t tell the special prosecutor what he wanted to hear,” he added.

MSNBC reported that Corsi lied to Mueller:

What Jerome Corsi Knows Will Bring Mueller Closer To Trump

The interesting point about Corsi is that he was not a member of Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump’s old talking point that the investigation is about his campaign and not himself has been blown to bits by Corsi trying to cut a deal. The investigation includes Trump associates who have personal connections to the president.

Trump is freaking out over Mueller because the investigation is centered on his own wrongdoing. Trump intermingled his campaign, his business, and his personal life, and all those threads are wrapped around Russia.

Jerome Corsi is an important link between Wikileaks, Roger Stone, and Trump. A plea deal for Corsi will bring Mueller closer to Trump. People in Trump’s life are dropping like flies, as Mueller is working his way toward the Oval Office.

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