Democrats Move To Take Away Trump’s Ability To Use Nuclear Weapons

House Democrats are going to move to take away his sole authority to use nuclear weapons while limiting his nuclear buildup.

Politico reported:
They also want to stymie the administration’s efforts to unravel arms control pacts with Russia. And they even aim to dilute Trump‘s sole authority to order the use of nuclear arms, following the president’s threats to unleash “fire and fury” on North Korea and other loose talk about doomsday weapons.


One way is to revive legislation adopting a “no first use” policy for nuclear weapons, declaring that a president could not order the use of nuclear weapons without a declaration of war from Congress.

“We want to avoid the miscalculation of stumbling into a nuclear war,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) said. “And this is where I think the No First-Use Bill is incredibly important: to send that message that we do not view nuclear weapons as a tool in warfare.”

Trump isn’t going to be able to threaten nuclear war so easily

Once Democrats take over the House, Trump will no longer be able to hop on Twitter and threaten to launch a nuclear attack on another nation as easily as he did with North Korea. House Democrats can stop Trump‘s nuclear buildup by blocking funding for the weapons. They can also use their leverage to force the Senate to take up measures that would limit Trump‘s ability to launch a nuclear strike.

The political calculus is about to change in ways that Trump and his allies don’t fathom. The days of unilateral presidential threats and actions are quickly coming to an end.

Democrats were elected to check this president, and while fulfilling the role that voters sent them to do, they are going to make the world much safer.

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