Trump’s Remain In Mexico Asylum Deal Is Illegal

Trump‘s plan to force asylum seekers to remain in Mexico is illegal and will likely be quickly struck down in court, as Trump is trying to break the law.

The Washington Post reported, “According to outlines of the plan, known as Remain in Mexico, asylum applicants at the border will have to stay in Mexico while their cases are processed, potentially ending the system, which Trump decries as ‘catch and release,’ that has generally allowed those seeking refuge to wait on safer U.S. soil.”

Human rights experts pointed out that the plan is illegal:

Trump Keeps Trying To Pull These Illegal Stunts and Ends Up Losing In Court

Trump is trying to dismantle the asylum system by not allowing refugees to apply for asylum. It is the sort of cheap and poorly thought out gimmick that defines the policymaking of the Trump administration. The “deal” with Mexico is illegal, and it will crash and burn in the courts.

It isn’t a coincidence that the White House announced this deal over Thanksgiving weekend when it will fly under the radar of most Americans who will be outraged and disgusted by such a such a fundamentally un-American policy.

Remain in Mexico is another bumper sticker gimmick to appeal to Trump‘s base.

The deal is illegal, and it won’t survive a serious legal challenge.

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