Adam Schiff Is Loading Up To Investigate Trump Money Laundering

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) made it clear that one of his top priorities is investigating whether Trump has been money laundering for Putin and Russia.

Rep. Schiff said:

One of the issues that Republicans would not allow us to investigate when they were running the committee, and I don’t think that Congress has looked into this at all, and I don’t know that Bob Mueller has is whether the Russians have been laundering money through the president’s businesses, and if this is the financial hold that the Russians may have. It would certainly explain the president’s otherwise bewildering conduct in Helsinki, many of the president’s pro-Putin comments. It would explain why his sons have said that at various times, they don’t need money from US banks. They get all the money they need from Russia, or a disproportionate share of their assets come from Russia.

Is this again, the hidden hand of American foreign policy? A Russian financial hand.

We do need to be able to get an answer to that and tell the American people, yes, it’s true, or no, it’s not.


Rep. Schiff would not confirm a report that he is loading up his staff with forensic accountants and money laundering experts, but his answer was not a denial. Before the midterm, Adam Schiff was talking about the need to investigate potential Trump money laundering for Russia.

Democrats have a good idea where the bodies are buried when it comes to Trump‘s financial interests, and they are showing up in January knowing exactly where to dig. Trump‘s own behavior along with the Republican refusal to allow Democrats to investigate certain issues has provided a nice investigative map.

All of Trump‘s darkest secrets are about to come out.

Adam Schiff is going to get answers, and what he finds out could shatter Trump and the Republican Party.

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