Trey Gowdy Screams Benghazi To Distract From Ivanka Trump’s Illegal Emails

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) tried to distract from Ivanka Trump‘s illegal use of private email to conduct government business by bringing up Benghazi.

Gowdy said on CBS’ Face The Nation, “I am concerned anytime any president prejudges the outcome of an investigation. Whether it’s President Obama, whether it’s President Trump. I’ve already talked to Ms. Trump‘s attorney. I’ve already talked to Mr. Cummings. We’ve already written a letter to the White House. Congress has a responsibility to make sure that the records and the Presidential Records Act is complied with and that is true no matter-no matter who the person is, whether it’s Secretary Clinton or whether it’s Tom Perez or whether it’s Ivanka Trump. So we’ve taken steps, we’ve done more in the last week than in some of my house Democratic colleagues did the entire time we were looking into Benghazi. So I’m at peace with what we’ve done but we need the information and we need it quickly. And then the public can judge whether or not those two fact patterns are similar.”


It’s funny how Hillary Clinton‘s use of private email was considered to be one of the great crimes of the century, but when the president’s daughter who is acting a senior White House adviser strictly due to nepotism is caught doing something strikingly similar to Clinton, the Republican answer changes to it’s not a crime, and we need more facts.

The Presidential Records Act is a law, and Ivanka Trump broke it. Republicans can parse and quibble about servers, but the general reality is the same. Ivanka Trump was using a private email system to conduct government business. Screaming Benghazi doesn’t get the GOP off of the hook.

The idea that Republicans anything of substance to investigate Ivanka Trump‘s email usage is laughable, but Republicans are showing that even as they are retiring and have been tossed out of power, old habits die hard, as hypocrisy is still pumping through the veins of the Republican Party.

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