Trump Tear Gases Migrant Children Attempting To Cross Border

Trump responded to migrants who were trying to cross the border near San Diego, CA to apply for asylum by tear gassing kids.

The BBC’s James Cook tweeted:

His tweet was backed up by a report from the AP’s Chris Sherman who said on MSNBC:

The migrants, after they marched away from the shelter, eventually crossed the Tijuana River. Some tried to enter the Mexican customs area at the border crossing. Police blocked them there. They then tried to walk along the Tijuana river to where it intersects with the U.S. Border. They were there for a while. And at the very bottom of the Tijuana River, at that point, there’s an earthen levee with three strands of stacked wire. Eventually, some of the migrants began to filter down to that area at the bottom and there’s a small gap where the water trickles through.

And interviewing a family who was down there at the time, I was up on the side of the river watching. They said that some of the migrants opened a small hole in the wire and that’s when the U.S. Agents began firing tear gas. I saw at least half a dozen, maybe ten canisters launched into Mexico. The breeze was carrying into Mexico. So we were running for several minutes to get out of the cloud of tear gas. There were lots of small children, women passing off small children to then try to run faster, people discarding their backpacks.


Border Violence Is What Trump Is Trying to Provoke

Trump has been doing everything imaginable to try to create a crisis along the US border. These people are coming to the border aren’t criminals. They are asylum seekers. The Trump administration provoked this surge toward the border by implementing the policy that asylum seekers had to apply in person in the United States.

Migrants can’t apply for asylum until they come to the US, but when they try to cross the border, they get tear gassed.

The United States is a nation of migrants that shouldn’t be tear gassing people who are trying to apply for asylum. These are impoverished people who are seeking a better life, not violent criminals.

Trump’s latest act of cruelty toward immigrants is certain to backfire on him.

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