Democrats Poised To Flip 40th House Seat As TJ Cox Leads In CA-21

Calls of Republican victory have been retracted as Democrat TJ Cox has taken the lead in the last remaining undecided House race.

According to the LA Times:
Democrat TJ Cox slipped past Republican incumbent David Valadao on Monday to take the lead in the country’s sole remaining undecided congressional race, positioning Democrats to pick up their seventh House seat in California and 40th nationwide.

Cox, who trailed by nearly 4,400 votes on election night, has steadily gained as ballot counting continues nearly three weeks after the Nov. 6 election, a pattern consistent with the state’s recent voting history.

On Monday, he pulled ahead by 438 votes after Kern County updated its results.

Democrats are close to winning 40 House seats

Before election day, it was projected that Democrats would win 25-40 House seats. Republicans were hoping to limit Democratic gains to 20 seats and hold on to a slim House majority. With one House race remaining to be decided, it is obvious that there wasn’t a blue wave. There was a political bloodbath. Anyone in Congress who resided in a district that Hillary Clinton won in California lost their seat.

Rep. Mia Love was once viewed as a rising Republican star, but even in deep red Utah, Trump’s toxicity got her voted out of office.

Democrats are on the verge of running the table in California. They picked off their intended targets all over the country. The midterm was a dominant rejection of Trump’s party, as the majority took the first step toward getting their country back.