As Trump Arrives, Nooses Found In Mississippi State Capitol Trees

Two nooses and hate signs were found on trees in the Mississippi state capitol on the same day that Trump will be campaigning in the state for Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith.

State Capitol police are investigating the nooses and hate signs:

It isn’t a coincidence that with polls tightening in Mississippi and Trump arriving in the state, the racists are trying to intimidate on the eve of a Senate special election. Some Republicans in Mississippi have rejected Cindy Hyde-Smith’s racism, and have committed to voting for African-American Democrat Mike Espy in the special election.
The individual or individuals who are responsible for the racist hate left at the capitol are the target voter for Trump and Hyde-Smith. Mike Espy is a long-shot to win the special election in Mississippi, even against someone who has made her racist beliefs abundantly clear.

The Obama era Republican dog whistles of racism have been replaced by nooses on trees under Trump. The racists have been emboldened and encouraged. They are out in the open now, and it is no surprise that they would carry out such a heinous act of intimidation and hate on the same day that Trump will be visiting the state and holding multiple rallies.

Trump built this, and racists are following their leaders in Mississippi.

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