Trump Disapproval Rating Hit A Record High Of 60%

Trump’s disapproval rating has risen by ten points in the past month and hit a new record of 60%.

Gallup tweeted:

Here is the Trump trendline via Gallup:

Trump’s approval rating has dropped 5 points in a week, while his disapproval ratings have increased by seven points. Trump also had a 60% disapproval rating in August and October of 2017. The Democratic victory in the midterm election has given the American people leadership to contrast this president with, and he is not faring well in the comparison.

The conventional wisdom that Republicans would come home after the midterm election and Trump’s approval rating would get a bounce is looking like it might be false. The tribalism theories of American politics may not apply to Trump, because America is less divided by tribe than they a majority that is being governed by a cult-like minority.

Americans are finding common ground in their opposition to this president. The opposition isn’t just about policies. There is a visceral opposition that cuts across party lines to Trump as a human being and the damage that he is doing to the presidency and the country.

Donald Trump is being rejected like a bad organ by the American body politic, and it is only getting worse, not better for this president.

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