Trump Freaks Out On Twitter As Mueller Report Is Coming Soon

Trump freaked out on Monday morning and tried to mount a preemptive discrediting and defense that showed that Robert Mueller‘s final report is coming soon.

Trump tweeted:

Trump Knows Robert Mueller’s Final Report Is Coming Soon

Trump has a habit of trying to spin bad news by tweeting his defense preemptively. There have been no news reports suggesting that the delivery of the Mueller report is coming soon, so Trump knows something and is trying to poison the well before the report is released.
Even Trump allies believe that the Mueller report will be politically devastating.

There remain dozens of sealed federal indictments that have long been suspected to be linked to the Mueller investigation that has yet to be unsealed.

A new wave of indictments followed by the delivery of the final report is looking increasingly likely. With Democrats taking over the House in January, it is possible that Robert Mueller is going to wait until Democrats are in power before he unveils the next round of indictments.

If Trump were innocent, there would be no need for the sort of statements.

Trump is going to argue that Mueller was conflicted, biased, and he didn’t talk to all the witnesses. Collusion isn’t a crime, so the president saying that there was no collusion means nothing.

The crimes are illegal coordination with a foreign government, obstruction of justice, and potentially financial.

Robert Mueller is coming, and Trump is already in a panic.

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