Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Left Stuttering After Ari Melber Decimates His Lies On The Economy

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski could do nothing but change the subject and stutter through his answer on Tuesday after Ari Melber decimated his lies about the economy under Donald Trump.

During the interview on MSNBC, Melber nailed Lewandowski for trying to defend Trump’s economic policies even as the deficit skyrockets and GM announces plant closures.

“Is it wrong to run on something and then do the opposite?” Melber asked. “You told people in these other parts of the country, ‘We’re going to help you, we’re going to shrink the deficit’, and you’re growing it.”


The fiery exchange:

MELBER: I want to hold you on the deficit because that’s what he ran on. That’s what Paul Ryan and other Republicans — take a look. Let’s show the economic facts. Barack Obama leaves with a $587 billion deficit that was decreasing. Donald Trump and the Republicans come in, it jumps to $782 billion and now they’ve lost control of the Congress. Is it wrong to run on something and then do the opposite?

LEWANDOWSKI: Look, if that’s the case, no politician would ever run for office. Because we see this from political party to political party, regardless. They say one thing, and they get into Washington, D.C., and they do something different.

MELBER: Now you sound like them because you’re blaming other people, blaming the swamp, blaming the politicians. I’m asking you, you ran the 2016 campaign. You went around and you told people in these other parts of the country, we’re going to help you, and we’re going to shrink the deficit, and you’re growing it.

LEWANDOWSKI: We also said we’re going to create new jobs. We’re going to bring back our manufacturing base. We’re going to increase our GDP from what was 1.2% and 1.3% as the new normal to 3.5 to 4%, and that’s where we are. The other thing this president did is he refunded the military to the levels that had been decimated in the previous eight years under Obama and he gave the men and women in uniform the first pay raise in a decade.

MELBER: Do you think when you change the topic from the economy to the military that makes it look like the economy is weak? I see what you’re doing, you’re just changing the topic.

MELBER: I just showed you the deficit going down under Obama and up under Trump. And what you want to talk about is the military and history. We’re talking about your guy. You’re having a lot of trouble tonight defending your guy on the economy.

Trump’s economic doctrine is failing 

Throughout his presidency, Trump has tried to coast by on the economic successes of Barack Obama. That strategy seems to be wearing thin.

Not only was the Trump-GOP tax overhaul a massive giveaway to the wealthiest individuals and corporations, but it has completely blown up the deficit.

At the same time, Trump’s trade war has been devastating for the very same people that voted heavily for the president. As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley pointed out on Tuesday, “Trump’s trade war is going to slow down the economy and cost 2.75 million Americans their jobs over the next decade.”

All of this goes without mentioning the newly announced GM plant closures in some of the same communities Trump promises to revive.

While Trump is still living off successes of the Obama administration in many ways, his economic doctrine is finally starting to rear its ugly head.

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