Doomsday Approaches Trump As Jerome Corsi Admits Prior Knowledge Of DNC Hacked Email Dump

Trump friend Jerome Corsi admitted that he and Roger Stone had prior knowledge that Wikileaks was going to dump the hacked Podesta emails as an October surprise.


Q: You were excited about Wikileaks, what Wikileaks was going to do?

Corsi: Everybody in the world wanted to know what Wikileaks had. Under “The New York Times,” Pentagon papers case, it would not have been a time for me to go see Assange. My original testimony was incorrect. My e-mails show I was willing. That was amended.

Q: Did you want to, or did you not want to? Were you interested in going and seeing what he had?

Corsi: What I really believed and still do about Assange is it would have been pointless.

Corsi also admitted that he told Roger Stone exactly what Assange was going to do that there would two big email dumps, and one would be the October surprise of the Podesta emails. Corsi claimed that he was “speculating” which defies common sense, and the evidence that Mueller probably has.

Jerome Corsi also thinks that lying and then amending testimony negates perjury, which is not true.


Corsi‘s statements along with the report that Manafort met with Assange as he was joining the Trump campaign suggests a criminal conspiracy that was bigger than the Trump campaign itself. Sarah Sanders continues to suggest that the president himself wasn’t involved, but it strains common sense to think that Trump‘s family, friends, and campaign wee all involved, but he knew nothing about it.

The puzzle pieces are starting to coming together, and they all add up to a political doomsday scenario taking shape for Trump. Whether it is Mueller or a congressional investigation, the political end of the line is taking shape for Donald Trump.

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