MSNBC Refuses To Air Sarah Sanders Press Briefing

MSNBC expanded their policy of not giving the White House a platform to lie by opting not to air the White House press briefing by Sarah Sanders.

Here is what all of the cable networks looked like while the press briefing was happening:

The briefing was the first one that the White House has held in a month, but that wasn’t enough for the network to give Trump and his Press Secretary an open platform to lie.

MSNBC did stream the briefing online:

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace refused to air Trump’s remarks on immigration live, which turned out to be a wise decision after the president promised the media that he would unveil new policy but instead launched into a racist rant against immigrants. MSNBC has also refused to air Trump’s rallies live, and yesterday, Nicolle Wallace would not show Trump’s tweets on the screen until after she had debunked the false statements made by the president.

While other networks are still falling for the chasing of the shiny object that is the White House press briefing, MSNBC has decided to place facts first. They are simply not going to give this administration an unchecked platform to use to lie and deceive their viewers. The Trump administration has used journalism and journalistic principles as a weapon to spread false information.

MSNBC is putting facts first, and judging from viewer feedback that I have received, their stance is highly appreciated.

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